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One integral aim of Project GREASE is to effect an oil-to-soap movement in Singapore, though of course we will not hesitate to transcend national boundaries with regard to teaching others how to recycle oil into soap, since recycling should be a global effort. Sure enough, the opportunity did arise – one glorious holiday while one of our teammates, Yu-Jia, were visiting relatives in Malaysia, her cousins expressed their vivid interest in learning soap-making. Needless to say, we jumped at the chance.


Studying the guidebook conscientiously before the soap-making commences. Ahh, Chinese-translated soap-making manuals do come in handy here! (:

We then set up a table in the backyard, laying out some newspaper and reused jars as containers for the oil, water and colouring. After the oil and water have been measured and other necessary ingredients have been laid out, we officially begin! (:


Yu-Jia’s cousin conscientiously pouring sodium hydroxide into oil, supervised closely by the watchful GREASE member


Stirring the resulting mixture after the NaOH-water mix has been poured into the oilgcj_3351

A group photo of young scientists, with our finished products laid out in front of us! (: All active agents of change, might we add.


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