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Last Saturday, the 17th of April, the Old Rafflesian Association  Family Fest and Funfair(ORA) was held in RGS. Project GREASE held a booth in the hall. We sold pretty soaps that we had made ourselves!

It was a tiring day, as we tried to market our soaps to all the people that came to ORA and promote our project. The award for the person being able to sell the most soaps goes to Sophia, who managed to persuade lots of people to buy our soap!

It was a really fun experience, and we managed to sell nearly all of our soaps! Hurray!

This is our booth! Here’s Rachelle selling soap to a lovely customer! (:

And here’s a board giving people a really brief introduction of our cause.

These are the soaps packaged in pretty plastic bags. Some people even thought they were food!

All in all, ORA was a great experience for us because not only were we able to raise funds to run our project and create more awareness, we also got to enjoy ourselves!


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At 915am, the six of us (Melissa, Chun Hui, Rachelle, Rachel 1, Moira and Rachel 2) rushed out of school to take a bus (actually it was two and a long walk) to MGS Primary School in Blackmore Drive. Here is MGS Primary in all its glory:The school is very beautiful!

When the students streamed in, we felt really nervous, because it was the first tme any of us had actually done this kind of thing. But when we stood on stage, looking in the sea of eager little faces, and started introducing our project, we felt less nervous and more at ease. Here is a picture of Rachel 2 talking:
I think the students loved the quiz section best, maybe because the prizes were good? There was a pretty piece of soap hand-made by us, and corporate gifts provided by Ms Emily Tan. However, the video we showed them received a not-very-enthusiastic response, maybe because there was some problems with the audio.

We have learned a lot from this experience and hopefully next time, if we do these kinds of talks again, we will have more confidence and give a better talk!
MGS Primary will be our first school on board GREASE-ycle, so we will be collaborating with them in the future!

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