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17th June was a special day for Project GREASE as the workshop was pretty massive (over 30 people)! It was held at RGS lab 7. It was also the first time Melissa presented alone on the project and procedures. The participants, from the National Environment Agency, were bubbling with questions and enthusiasm, and it was heartening to see that they really wanted to make beautiful soap and learn as much as they can about the movement. Unfortunately, Moira, Rachel Tan HP and Anabelle could not make it that day.

Melissa and Rachelle preparing for the presentation/workshop

Melissa and our teacher mentor, Mr De Souza, filtering oil

Dirty hands!

A participant pouring the mixture into the mould –– almost done!

Happy participants at their soaps’ completion

More happy participants(:

This exciting experience and exposure enabled us to become more confident in communicating and interacting with people, sharing with them our knowledge, clarifying their doubts and ascertaining that their soap-making process was proceeding correctly (that the different stages were achieved). Also, we were very glad that the participants enjoyed themselves so much and have the desire to make soap at home themselves! On a side note, we would like to thank Ms Lydia Tan for buying us lunch and the lab technicians for being so gracious to us!


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