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On the 27th August, Saturday, four of us proceeded to Boon Lay Place for an outreach. We set up a small booth and gave out flyers, soap-making instruction booklets, bookmarks and magnets. It was really heartwarming how majority of the people found soap-making so interesting and wanted to take the soap-making instruction booklets back home to peruse.

Here’s Anabelle explaining the booth to an interested lady:

We also went up to stage to explain more about our project and also to do a live demonstration of how to make soap, which was a first for us.

One of the challenges we faced was that most of the residents did not understand English, so we had to translate everything into Mandarin, which was rather difficult for us because our Mandarin is not very good. Thankfully, Chun Hui’s Mandarin was really good, so she saved the day!

Overall, although the turnout was not as many as we expected, we still had loads of fun, and we learnt how to explain our project in Mandarin!

We would really like to thank our seniors in RI(JC) for giving us this wonderful opportunity to promote our project and cheering for us as we gave our presentation! Thanks!


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