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Last Saturday, the 17th of April, the Old Rafflesian Association  Family Fest and Funfair(ORA) was held in RGS. Project GREASE held a booth in the hall. We sold pretty soaps that we had made ourselves!

It was a tiring day, as we tried to market our soaps to all the people that came to ORA and promote our project. The award for the person being able to sell the most soaps goes to Sophia, who managed to persuade lots of people to buy our soap!

It was a really fun experience, and we managed to sell nearly all of our soaps! Hurray!

This is our booth! Here’s Rachelle selling soap to a lovely customer! (:

And here’s a board giving people a really brief introduction of our cause.

These are the soaps packaged in pretty plastic bags. Some people even thought they were food!

All in all, ORA was a great experience for us because not only were we able to raise funds to run our project and create more awareness, we also got to enjoy ourselves!


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At 915am, the six of us (Melissa, Chun Hui, Rachelle, Rachel 1, Moira and Rachel 2) rushed out of school to take a bus (actually it was two and a long walk) to MGS Primary School in Blackmore Drive. Here is MGS Primary in all its glory:The school is very beautiful!

When the students streamed in, we felt really nervous, because it was the first tme any of us had actually done this kind of thing. But when we stood on stage, looking in the sea of eager little faces, and started introducing our project, we felt less nervous and more at ease. Here is a picture of Rachel 2 talking:
I think the students loved the quiz section best, maybe because the prizes were good? There was a pretty piece of soap hand-made by us, and corporate gifts provided by Ms Emily Tan. However, the video we showed them received a not-very-enthusiastic response, maybe because there was some problems with the audio.

We have learned a lot from this experience and hopefully next time, if we do these kinds of talks again, we will have more confidence and give a better talk!
MGS Primary will be our first school on board GREASE-ycle, so we will be collaborating with them in the future!

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On the 27th of March, Saturday, I arrived with Moira at Bukit Panjang Plaza for the Earth Hour event, organized by NorthWest CDC. We walked around the Garden Plaza, which had several large boards up, educating the public on how to be green. I was really surprised, when I saw the What You Can And Cannot Recycle board, I saw our project at the bottom of it!

Yeah! As sucessors to this project, I hadn’t known that Grease-ycle was so popular and well-known! We were really pleased! Also, as our project concerns the 3Rs (Reuse, Reduce, Recycle), I thought to share with you this board:

Anyways, we ate a quick dinner in these really cool biodegrable containers, made of yam and corn husks (I think). Sorry we didn’t get a picture of it, we were too hungry! Then, as we waited for the GOH, Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, to come, the emcee played some games with the audience. After Dr Balakrishnan arrived, he proceeded to deliver a quick speech, and prizes were presented to the residents in NorthWest CDC for being environmentally-conscious and saving lots of electricity.

When 8.30 came, the atmosphere became perceptibly more excited. We counted down from 5-1, and on the count of 1, all the lights were switched off and we waved our solar-laser-torchlight around estatically! It was really pretty cool, like disco lights.

Then, the various performance groups from Assumption English School, which had been specially invited to perform at this event. First up was the Dance Ensemble. They performed a lovely, moving piece called “Memory”. Up next was the Choir. They sang some nice pieces like “Somewhere over the Rainbow”, but unfortunately I cannot remember the names of the other songs. Then the Band played for us! They were really good, and managed to get the crowd into a “high” mood!

At 9.30pm, the event ended, and Moira and I went home! It was such a fun event! Thank you Ms Emily Tan for inviting us!

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NorthWest CDC organized a networking session for green club teachers and training for green club students on the 22 March. Nope, we’re not exactly a green club, but we still went because it happens to be in line with our cause, that is to promote active recycling (:

When we reached Woodlands Library, where the session was held, many other schools were already there. We also Ms Ng, the green club teacher from Marsling Secondary.

That’s Moira, Anabelle and Melissa bubbling with excitement.

We attended a workshop on the 3Rs of recycling, and we even made posters! The following are some photos of us working on our 3R posters. (Some of the pictures might be very blur, because the camera was not really good. Apologies!)

Look at everyone busy making their 3R posters!

Here’s Anabelle writing “Be Green”. Yes, heed what she says!

Sophia and Moira are busy designing the poster.

Hooray to our completed posters! From left to right are Anabelle, Melissa, Rachel Tan H.P., Chun Hui, Moira and Sophia. Unfortunately, Rachel Tan X.E. (yes, there are 2 Rachels) and Rachelle were unable to make it.

Those pretty posters displayed on the stage are done by the green clubs and us.

Following the making of the posters, we went for a reception. We were all starving by then, so off we went to get the food. They were noodles, vermicelli, kuehs, eclairs, bread, and fruit punch. We’re sorry to tell you that there are no pictures of the food because we were all busy eating 😀

And that was the end of the networking session. Thus, I shall end this post with a group photo:

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I’m finding it a little difficult to write on behalf of Project GREASE (seeing as I am only 1 of 8 people) so I’ll be making this entry a little more personal, hope you don’t mind. =)

Only 2 of us were able to make it for the 2nd oil collection due to clashing schedules with House Practice which many of our members were involved in.

We ran low on manpower that day so most groups had only two people instead of three.

Of course, during the course of the oil collection we learnt to communicate better and I daresay my oral Mandarin has improved by a very minimal margin due to communication with Chinese speaking residents!

We knocked on less than half the doors of the last collection, and filled up our bottles to the brim, which satisfied us tremendously. I remember one unit where we collected a chunk of frozen oil!

It looked rather like cheesecake and I probably would have eaten it if not for the oily smell. I think that was the best part of the whole collection, other than getting to know the lifestyle of students in Marsiling better (most of my ‘knowledge’ was inferred from their conversations, though).

‘Inspired’ by this situation, I’d like to say this to everyone who is reading this entry: Oil does not have to be frozen. Under no circumstances are you required to freeze the oil before handing it over to us.

Now that it’s all said and done, I’d like to wish everyone an early March Holiday blessing, don’t worry too much if you have a mountain of homework waiting for you to do! I’m sure there will be things for you to do to de-stress, like reading our blog!

Oh, the author still doesn’t have any photographs from any of the oil collections, but she will put them up if she gets hold of any. =)

Edit: Here are some photos for you to enjoy!

After oil collection

And that was the end of another day at Woodlands (:

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The 2nd generation of Project GREASE members had their first taste of oil collection on Saturday, 30th Jan 2010.

Marsiling Secondary is a school that has volunteered to help in our movement to convert oil into soap. Their Green Club will be collecting oil in their area and also make soaps in their school.

We were all taken aback by the sheer number of people mobilised to help in the oil collection as we didn’t know what to expect. Of course, coming from an  all girls school we weren’t exactly the most comfortable around the guys from Marsiling’s Green Club…

Needless to say, being completely green (no pun intended) to oil collection, we left the first few door-to-door visitations to the Marsiling students who were more than happy to guide us (we hope!). We learnt the ropes as quickly as we could and then began to actively participate in the oil collection.

We went from unit to unit to advocate our purpose and project, and though we were turned down more often than not, we were not discouraged. We even collected a few large bottles full of used oil!

It was a wonderful experience to be learning from others instead of teaching (like we would do during workshops)! Also, although we had to wake up ‘bright’ and early we were glad we came! It is nice to know how far Project GREASE has spread.

Sadly, the author currently does not have any photos of the event but she’ll be sure to upload them the minute she receives them!

Edit: Photos! 😀

Project GREASE and Marsling Secondary School

Students from Marsling Secondary eagerly collecting info

We truly enjoyed ourselves then! Many thanks goes to Marsling Secondary for their invaluable help and support (:

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On this brilliantly bright Sunday morning, 4 Project GREASErs ventured over to Blk 412 of Fernvale Link for our latest outreach event – Fernvale Environmental Day. Huffing and puffing with all our usual booth materials with only half the number of hands to carry them, we arrived to be greeted by a sight only Singaporeans can identify with.


There, smack in the middle of several HDB housing estates, was the Fernvale Environmental Day we were looking for!

Our booth was conveniently allocated beside a bench, which we inadvertently used as a temporary dumping ground for assorted booth materials. Then it was set-up time!

…in some 15 minutes, our booth was nicely laid out as per any outreach event, and we started skipping around happily while waiting for the event to officially commence. (: fpost_03

We had some time in our hands before the event would officially commence, so we strolled around to learn more about what the other booths had to offer. There were some really interesting displays – for instance, that of a shirt made from 20 plastic bottles (it felt like any normal dry-fit shirt, if you’re wondering), and a warm, (seemingly-)woolly blanket made from 70 plastic bottles. fpost_04

Save the Earth, wooyeah!




Sharing our project with the public


A member of the organizing committee interviewing 2 enthusiastic Project GREASE-rs.

After presenting our project to some curious passers-by, the sky started to rumble. Ironically so, since it was only about 30 minutes before that we were forced to move a booth to a shadier site to avoid the noon sun! Just as we were about to gather up our booth materials and head for the void deck, a whole entourage of people ventured over to our booth. The Guest of Honour, Dr. Lam Pin Min, MP who represents Ang Mo Kio GRC, was here to say hello!

In a short span of 5 minutes, a whole comprehensive overview of our project was dished out in a convoluted platter to Dr. Lam, by us ever-zealous Project GREASE-rs.




Right after the GOH’s departure, the skies started to pour (you can already glimpse the overcast sky in the photos above!), so Project GREASE had no choice but to make a headway for the nearby void deck.


Lo and behold – a “group” photo, complete with a rainy backdrop, to top it all off.

Fernvale Environmental Day, as were all the various outreach events we’ve had the privilege to be invited to so far, was indeed an insightful eye-opener for us all. All these heartening communal efforts to propagate the message of environmental conservation only serves to further motivate us in bringing fourth our cause, because it goes to show that people do care passionately about environmental issues.

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