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Hi everyone! Project GREASE will unfortunately be ending. However, the oil-to-soap movement will be adopted under RGS’s Science and Environment Club. We thank you for your continued support and although this may be the end of our Project, we hope that we have influenced you positively and introduced to you that liquid waste like oil can be recycled into soap. A big THANK YOU also goes out to our seniors, who started this wonderful movement and changed the way people think about recycling.

Please continue to reuse, reduce, and recycle actively!


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We are really, really sorry to announce that we are no longer allowed to sell sodium hydroxide to the public. Sodium hydroxide is a caustic and dangerous chemical, and thus, it is controlled and we cannot sell it to the public. We know that with this, you guys will not be able to make soap at home anymore, which we are really regretful for, but please do continue to dispose of your used cooking oil properly (ie, tied in plastic bags and thrown in the rubbish), and support our cause by recycling actively! Thank you!

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On the 27th August, Saturday, four of us proceeded to Boon Lay Place for an outreach. We set up a small booth and gave out flyers, soap-making instruction booklets, bookmarks and magnets. It was really heartwarming how majority of the people found soap-making so interesting and wanted to take the soap-making instruction booklets back home to peruse.

Here’s Anabelle explaining the booth to an interested lady:

We also went up to stage to explain more about our project and also to do a live demonstration of how to make soap, which was a first for us.

One of the challenges we faced was that most of the residents did not understand English, so we had to translate everything into Mandarin, which was rather difficult for us because our Mandarin is not very good. Thankfully, Chun Hui’s Mandarin was really good, so she saved the day!

Overall, although the turnout was not as many as we expected, we still had loads of fun, and we learnt how to explain our project in Mandarin!

We would really like to thank our seniors in RI(JC) for giving us this wonderful opportunity to promote our project and cheering for us as we gave our presentation! Thanks!

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17th June was a special day for Project GREASE as the workshop was pretty massive (over 30 people)! It was held at RGS lab 7. It was also the first time Melissa presented alone on the project and procedures. The participants, from the National Environment Agency, were bubbling with questions and enthusiasm, and it was heartening to see that they really wanted to make beautiful soap and learn as much as they can about the movement. Unfortunately, Moira, Rachel Tan HP and Anabelle could not make it that day.

Melissa and Rachelle preparing for the presentation/workshop

Melissa and our teacher mentor, Mr De Souza, filtering oil

Dirty hands!

A participant pouring the mixture into the mould –– almost done!

Happy participants at their soaps’ completion

More happy participants(:

This exciting experience and exposure enabled us to become more confident in communicating and interacting with people, sharing with them our knowledge, clarifying their doubts and ascertaining that their soap-making process was proceeding correctly (that the different stages were achieved). Also, we were very glad that the participants enjoyed themselves so much and have the desire to make soap at home themselves! On a side note, we would like to thank Ms Lydia Tan for buying us lunch and the lab technicians for being so gracious to us!

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On the 27th of March, Saturday, I arrived with Moira at Bukit Panjang Plaza for the Earth Hour event, organized by NorthWest CDC. We walked around the Garden Plaza, which had several large boards up, educating the public on how to be green. I was really surprised, when I saw the What You Can And Cannot Recycle board, I saw our project at the bottom of it!

Yeah! As sucessors to this project, I hadn’t known that Grease-ycle was so popular and well-known! We were really pleased! Also, as our project concerns the 3Rs (Reuse, Reduce, Recycle), I thought to share with you this board:

Anyways, we ate a quick dinner in these really cool biodegrable containers, made of yam and corn husks (I think). Sorry we didn’t get a picture of it, we were too hungry! Then, as we waited for the GOH, Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, to come, the emcee played some games with the audience. After Dr Balakrishnan arrived, he proceeded to deliver a quick speech, and prizes were presented to the residents in NorthWest CDC for being environmentally-conscious and saving lots of electricity.

When 8.30 came, the atmosphere became perceptibly more excited. We counted down from 5-1, and on the count of 1, all the lights were switched off and we waved our solar-laser-torchlight around estatically! It was really pretty cool, like disco lights.

Then, the various performance groups from Assumption English School, which had been specially invited to perform at this event. First up was the Dance Ensemble. They performed a lovely, moving piece called “Memory”. Up next was the Choir. They sang some nice pieces like “Somewhere over the Rainbow”, but unfortunately I cannot remember the names of the other songs. Then the Band played for us! They were really good, and managed to get the crowd into a “high” mood!

At 9.30pm, the event ended, and Moira and I went home! It was such a fun event! Thank you Ms Emily Tan for inviting us!

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On the 13th of June (Sat), we held a soap-making workshop for members of the public – some had signed up through Fernvale Environmental Day, others by commenting on our blog or emailing us. There were a few groups, such as “Chris and Family”, “Jason and Eva from VFC” and “Project Orion”. As usual, we first gave a presentation on our project before following it with the hands-on; at the end of the workshop, we also took down orders for NaOH and thermometers from the enthusiastic particiapants.

Project GREASE regrets to say that as a result of only 3 people facilitating the workshop this time round, there weren’t alot of opportunities for us to take photos.

Our wonderful workshop participants!

Our wonderful workshop participants!

Chris had commented on our blog on behalf of her 10-member family, and requested to learn soap-making from us.

Jason and Eva are from Victory Family Centre (VFC), and would like to spread the soap-making knowledge they learn to those in Bangladesh. They’ll be flying there to do various construction works, and improve the locals’ quality of life.

Group shot of Project Orion and us at the end of the workshop.

Group shot of Project Orion and us at the end of the workshop.

Project Orion is Voluntary Service Project by a team active in turtle conservation and many other causes they believe in (such as mangrove replantation and repair work for villagers). You can go to the following address to read their blog and find out more about them: http://www.projectorion2009.blogspot.com/ 

(there are tons of pictures in their soap-making workshop post, which is just a click away – http://projectorion2009.blogspot.com/2009/06/pre-event-raffles-girls-school.html :D)

The workshop went smoothly without a hitch and was a success. On another note, Project GREASE sincerely hopes the people we reach out to will in turn spread the soap-making knowledge to others, just as groups such as Project BARAY and Project Orion have done, and Jason and Eva plan to do.

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4th April 09 and 18th April 09 (also day of our RC workshop) saw a team of volunteers head down to collect UCO from Chong Pang RC Zone 7 once again.

We are glad that students from Chong Cheng High Yishun (CCHY) formed the core group of volunteers – just one member of Project GREASE went down on 4th April, with a school friend who volunteered. CCHY did the oil collection all by themselves on 18th April, as Project GREASE was busy with workshop preparations. CCHY has come on board GREASE-ycle as a partner school, and will be coordinating the bulk of efforts pertaining to this initiative in Chong Pang RC Zone 7.

The UCO collection went relatively smoothly – I (Talia) wasn’t required to coordinate anything at all, merely as (wo)manpower. The CCHY students seemed prepared, although it would have been better if they were slightly better-equipped logistics wise – there was a shortage of large containers. That resulted in my friend and I having to lug around over 10 small containers and bottles around during the entire collection, which wasn’t much of a problem, just inconvenient.

Nevertheless, it went quite well overall, and we are glad that CCHY is stepping up to take the lead in this. Both sessions yielded 10 containers of UCO.






4th April


18th April

On a side note, we were rather excited at seeing a banner advertising our upcoming soap-making workshop for residents in the area proudly displayed! There were black-and-white posters of the workshop as well, at the foot of all the blocks. We are definitely looking forward to the workshop on 18 Apr 09.

Banner done up by RC advertising our workshop

Banner done up by RC advertising our workshop

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