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“There is no such thing as a failed experiment, only experiments with unexpected outcomes.” – Richard Buckminister Fuller

After the acceptance of our proposal followed many months of tests and experiments – our attempts at improving the recipe and deeming the soap safe for use – which were all recorded in the Research & Development Logbook and which are too numerous to record down here. However, some of them included:

(1) The stain test,

Testing the soap's effectiveness in removing different stains on different materials

Testing soap's effectiveness in removing stains

(2) The juice test,

Experimenting with juices in the soaps

Experimenting with juices in the soaps

(3) and the skin test – which we did today.

Testing for allergies and skin reactions

Testing for allergies and skin reactions

Many more tests and experiments, such as testing the effectiveness of the soap in removing bacteria as compared to other commercial brand soaps, have been lined up for the upcoming June Holidays. With our June Holidays packed with personal commitments, school work and our oil-to-soap project (we have also been liaisoning with external organisations and arranged meetings with them), it looks like our commitment, time management and project management will really be stretched to their limits. However, as Richard Buckminister Fuller seems to put it; no experiment is a waste and no experiment is considered failed, each and every one – no matter the outcome – pushes you closer to your goal.


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