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 Our apologies for not updating this blog for the whole of 2009 yet. But that doesn’t mean we haven’t been doing anything at all since the start of the year!

This new year, Project GREASE has decided to shift its method of public outreach. No longer will we be holding frequent public workshops, as we realise that being one-off events, it is difficult to obtain measurable results of their success. Instead, after collaboration with North-West Community Development Council, we have decided to embark on a 6-month pilot programme entitled “GREASE-ycle”.

Basically, GREASE-cycle is a collaborative effort by Project GREASE and NW CDC, organised to give people an alternative means of contributing to the oil-to-soap movement. We realised that many Singaporeans do not have the time to conduct their own soap-making. Thus, this pilot 6-month used cooking oil collection drive (February- August), starting in Chong Pang RC Zone 7, would allow residents to still contribute by collecting their own used cooking oil for Project GREASE’s constructive use.  Overall, we hope to initiate a conservation movement and change in lifestyle, i.e. that this oil collection drive will be sustainable and will continue after the 6 months are up.  

GREASE-cycle essentially consists of 4 main components:

1) Household Participation Survey

We will be going unit-by-unit in with Project BARAY to survey households on their recycling habits. At the same time, we will share with residents about GREASEycle and ask if they are willing to participate. Bottles and funnels will be provided to agreeable households for them to collect their own used cooking oil.

2) UCO collection drive

Bottles of the residents’ used cooking oil will be left outside their doors and collected by volunteers fortnightly.

3) Soap-making

North-West CDC has linked us up with Green Clubs of various schools, so that we can engage them in soap-making on a school-wide basis.

4) Soap-sales/Outreach events

Through the public sale of soap recycled from the used cooking oil collected, we hope to encourage a continued lifestyle of active recyling.

The main person-in-charge from Northwest CDC we have been collaborating with is Miss Emily Tan, who aided in linking us up with Green Clubs from various schools, the provision of bottles and the printing of the GREASE-cycle Flyers. Miss Emily Tan also introduced us to Mr Vincent Lee, ACM of Chong Pang CC.

(Guess our amusement when we realised we would be liaising with 2 Mr Vincent Lees- Project BARAY team leader is ALSO called Vincent Lee :P. We foresee some confusion when we refer to them later on, as well as loads of amusement if the 2 ever get to meet.)

Cover of GREASE-cycle flyer

Project BARAY of NUS Rotaract Club was interested in joining us to survey a total of 1819 households in the Chong Pang RC Zone 7, as part of their post-trip activity.

Response from Green clubs has been encouraging, with 5 enquiring more about it, and Chung Cheng High School (40 pupils) and Yishun Primary School (whole Pri 4 cohort) expressing enthusiastic interest in it. We intend to impart soap-making knowledge to them, in hope they will be able to collect the used cooking oil from households and turn it into soap on a regular basis, as well as organise soap sales.

Email by Miss Tan to schools with Green Clubs

Email by Miss Tan to schools with Green Clubs

Yishun Primary school is interested in being involved

Yishun Primary school is interested in being involved

Reply to Chung Cheng High School regarding workshop details
Reply to Chung Cheng High School regarding workshop details

The first major date for GREASE-cycle is 21st February, where the household participation survey will be conducted. 7th March will be the first used cooking oil collection.


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