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I’m finding it a little difficult to write on behalf of Project GREASE (seeing as I am only 1 of 8 people) so I’ll be making this entry a little more personal, hope you don’t mind. =)

Only 2 of us were able to make it for the 2nd oil collection due to clashing schedules with House Practice which many of our members were involved in.

We ran low on manpower that day so most groups had only two people instead of three.

Of course, during the course of the oil collection we learnt to communicate better and I daresay my oral Mandarin has improved by a very minimal margin due to communication with Chinese speaking residents!

We knocked on less than half the doors of the last collection, and filled up our bottles to the brim, which satisfied us tremendously. I remember one unit where we collected a chunk of frozen oil!

It looked rather like cheesecake and I probably would have eaten it if not for the oily smell. I think that was the best part of the whole collection, other than getting to know the lifestyle of students in Marsiling better (most of my ‘knowledge’ was inferred from their conversations, though).

‘Inspired’ by this situation, I’d like to say this to everyone who is reading this entry: Oil does not have to be frozen. Under no circumstances are you required to freeze the oil before handing it over to us.

Now that it’s all said and done, I’d like to wish everyone an early March Holiday blessing, don’t worry too much if you have a mountain of homework waiting for you to do! I’m sure there will be things for you to do to de-stress, like reading our blog!

Oh, the author still doesn’t have any photographs from any of the oil collections, but she will put them up if she gets hold of any. =)

Edit: Here are some photos for you to enjoy!

After oil collection

And that was the end of another day at Woodlands (:


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The 2nd generation of Project GREASE members had their first taste of oil collection on Saturday, 30th Jan 2010.

Marsiling Secondary is a school that has volunteered to help in our movement to convert oil into soap. Their Green Club will be collecting oil in their area and also make soaps in their school.

We were all taken aback by the sheer number of people mobilised to help in the oil collection as we didn’t know what to expect. Of course, coming from an  all girls school we weren’t exactly the most comfortable around the guys from Marsiling’s Green Club…

Needless to say, being completely green (no pun intended) to oil collection, we left the first few door-to-door visitations to the Marsiling students who were more than happy to guide us (we hope!). We learnt the ropes as quickly as we could and then began to actively participate in the oil collection.

We went from unit to unit to advocate our purpose and project, and though we were turned down more often than not, we were not discouraged. We even collected a few large bottles full of used oil!

It was a wonderful experience to be learning from others instead of teaching (like we would do during workshops)! Also, although we had to wake up ‘bright’ and early we were glad we came! It is nice to know how far Project GREASE has spread.

Sadly, the author currently does not have any photos of the event but she’ll be sure to upload them the minute she receives them!

Edit: Photos! 😀

Project GREASE and Marsling Secondary School

Students from Marsling Secondary eagerly collecting info

We truly enjoyed ourselves then! Many thanks goes to Marsling Secondary for their invaluable help and support (:

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